Who Are We?

The IMU&GPS Team   is the result of the merger of the scientific school Theory and Practice of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems founded by Prof. Mikhail Zakharin, ScD, in the 1950s and the scientific school Gyros, Navigation Devices and Complexes founded by Prof. Mikhail Pavlovsky, ScD. The close cooperation between these two schools has made it possible to obtain fundamentally new results through integration of the theory, principles of design, gyro and accelerometer error patterns and their designs based on different principles, and their study with the results of development of the theory, software, design principles, and experimental debugging of the strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) technologies and flight and navigation complexes and control systems built based on them. The research and development results form the basis for more than 15 ScD and 50 PhD theses.
During 25+ years, we have developed a closed cycle of SINS technologies and complexes built based on them. These technologies allow us to study SINS-associated issues through computer simulation; to synthesize structures to solve various problems; to solve the main SINS system, hardware and software problems (both at the sensor and complex level) to achieve the required accuracy and reliability both using internal possibilities and through integration with other data sources; to calibrate the IMU using low-cost equipment; to carry out complex tests both in a laboratory and in the field.
At present, we are carrying out a series of theoretical and experimental studies to develop low-cost systems designed for use in the various industries (agriculture, railway, road, and air transport).

Our Teachers

Захарин Михаил Иванович

Mikhail Zakharin (1920 - 2002), ScD, professor, the founder of the Kiev-based scientific school The Theory and Practice of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems. He prepared more than six ScDs and 30 PhDs. Author of 150 scientific papers, including five books. He was one of the first in the USSR to prove in the 1950s that it is possible to create strapdown inertial systems and devoted all his life to their theory and implementation in various types of moving objects, as well as to preparation of scientists in the field of navigation and control.

Павловский Михаил Антонович

Mikhail Pavlovsky (1942 - 2004), ScD, professor, a member of the International Academy of Navigation and Control, the Russian Engineering Academy, the founder of the scientific school Gyro, Navigation Devices and Complexes, a winner of three State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine, an MP of three parliament convocations. He prepared more than 12 ScDs and 50 PhDs. Author of about 300 scientific papers, including 24 books.

INS&GPS Team Research Supervisor

Леонец Александр Адамович

Olexandr Leonets, ScD, a member of the International Academy of Navigation and Control. Main field of interest: Mechanical parameters measurement using inertial approach; SINS system problems and measurement systems built on them; IMU, SINS, and AHRS development based on laser, fiber-optic, and MEMS gyros; SINS and GPS integration; fault detection, failure identification and measurement system reconfiguration; neural networks; railway monitoring; automotive security systems.

INS&GPS Team Project Manager

Романовский Владимир Алексеевич

Vladimir Romanovsky, PhD. Main field of interest: Metrology of measurement of mechanical values using inertial approach; inertial and satellite navigation system experimental study; software for real-time data processing; signal digital processing; automotive security systems; railway monitoring.