Our projects

  1. Manufacturing and testing of MEMS IMU (2003 - pres.).  
    IMU costs $ 300 - $ 500 and has errors less (20-30) cm without GPS per (5-20) sec.
  2. The monitoring system of a contact network of railways (2003 - pres.).
    The sample of system is made and tested.
  3. Road departure warning system for light vehicles (2001 - pres.).
    Develop technologies and create a prototype of the Vehicle Road Departure Warning System based on MEMS IMU & GPS and cost s $300 - $500. RDWS warns the driver of a possible departure of the vehicle from the road in 3 to 5 seconds based on a measurement of the vehicle's position with respect to the road at the accuracy (RMS) 20 cm or better.
  4. Development of a Strapdown Attitude and Heading Reference System on the basis fiber optical gyros (FOG) with Global Position System (GPS) complexion for airplane of local airlines (1999 - pres.).
    AHRS characteristics: Heading - 0.5 grad, Roll - 0.1 grad, Pitch - 0.1 grad, mass -up to 4 kg. The Kalman filter is used for integration INS and GPS.
  5. Development of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Equipment for the Land Vehicles (1992 -1997).
    The error SINS for vehicle at stops in 10 minutes does not exceed (12-20) m (during activity) and (5 - 10) m (after activity of a system).
  6. Development of the Strapdown Heading and Attitude Reference System Based on Dynamic-Tuned Gyros for Aircraft (1992 - 1994).
    The experimental sample of a system is made and the alpha tests are conducted. The system had an error: Half gyrocompass Heading - 0.5 grad/h.
  7. Development of Software of Failure-Tolerant SINS (1994 -1996).
    Not threshold method and algorithm of detection and localization of refusals in SINS with an abundant number of gyroscopes deciding a problem of localization of refusals for want of large relation noise / signal is developed. For want of it the error accumulated during from a moment of origin up to localization of a refusal does not exceed 28 angular seconds irrespective of a level of a refusal.
  8. Study of Mutual Influence of Dithers of Laser Gyros (1995 - 1996).
    The mathematical model of the phenomenon is developed, are obtained the cycle of experiments is conducted and researches on the COMPUTER (the close outcomes), are developed the recommendations after change of a design of the unit of sensors and system of amortization, that has allowed to reduce effect up to size less than 1 %. Recommendation as to reducing the mutual influence.
  9. Development and Study of Methods of SINS Autonomous Calibration (1994 -1995).
    The method standalone Calibration backing uniformly precise SINS, permitting without engaging the external information is developed to evaluate and to compensate drifts of gyroscopes with an error - (0.005-0.01) deg/h, scale coefficients of gyroscopes - (0.3-0.6)x10-5 , scale coefficients of accelerometers - (0.2-0.8)x10-4 , corners of mutual orientation of gyroscopes and accelerometers - (1-3) Arcsec.
  10. Development of Methods of and Hardware for SINS Calibration (1992 - 1994).
    Methods of high-accuracy SINS calibration using low-accuracy equipment. (error of rotary desktop - 1 angular minute). The experiments have confirmed effectiveness of an offered method and software.